Bah, Humboldt!

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Our good friend Sandra Rebok has an article in the newest Virginia Magazine of History and Biography: "Englightened Correspondents: The Transatlantic Dialogue of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander von Humboldt" (vol. 116 no. 4).  Sandra is pretty much the world's expert on this topic - and I'm not just saying that because she just sent us a bag of truffles from Spain (thanks, Sandra, they were muy delicioso!). On a related note, back issues of VMHB (1893-2004) are now available online through JSTOR - folks around here were practically swooning with joy when this development was announced.  Alas, we do not have online access to later issues (the link I gave above to Sandra's article is just an abstract).  It is available through some EBSCO products, however, so check with your local library.


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