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Read what Monticello staff members and guest authors have to say about Jefferson, Monticello, and how they experience Jefferson's experiment every day.

I received a little book in the mail just a bit ago, and I think it deserves to be read in front of a fire with a cup of tea. It is called Romanticism and Nationalism in the Old South , by Rollin Osterweis (Louisiana State University Press, 1971) and is full of paragraphs like this:More >>
With the coming of Thanksgiving comes also a burble of chatty news stories about the origins thereof, and usually something about turkeys. Not far behind comes some sort of mention of the Founding Fathers, and how they all felt about turkeys. I've seen several of these articles in the last few days...More >>
This blog entry came up in my Google Alert a few days ago - its main focus is actually a cathedral in Saigon, but it incidentally mentions a fascinating little episode in Jefferson's life of which I was heretofore unaware.More >>
If you've been following this blog, or even talking to me on a regular basis, you know that we went through an extraordinarily obnoxious patch a year or so ago in which we were getting fake Jefferson quotation questions about every 4 minutes or so. This seemed to be largely due to some sort of...More >>
In case you didn't know, it was Banned Books Week last week - the American Library Association decreed it. And if you're following the Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Facebook page, you will already have caught a glimpse of what I'm going to be talking about here. (I should have suspected those guys...More >>
That would be a great name for a band, wouldn't it? Or a car. Alas, no, it's my latest book acquisition, and although I do poke gentle fun at my Gilded Pig, it really is a great little find. I've been scouring the Internets for undiscovered works of genius by Marie Kimball , and came across a book she wrote - more of a pamphMore >>
Several years ago, a visitor to Monticello emailed me and asked about something they'd seen in the Jefferson family graveyard , just a short walk down from Mulberry Row : Thomas Jefferson's gravestone seemed to be covered with coins. What's that about? (one might well ask). Colleagues here quickly...More >>
Two articles with TJ/Monticello content in the latest issue of Early American Life : "The Faces of a Generation," by Audrey J. Wolfe, about sculptor John Browere (who did a near-deadly life mask of Jefferson - there's a rather horrifying description of the proceedings by granddaughter Virginia here )More >>
A new intriguing book on the shelves: Impossible Engineering: Technology and Territoriality on the Canal du Midi , by Chandra Mukerji (Princeton, 2009). This dovetails nicely with one of our new TJ Encyclopedia articles , which features (among other useful pieces of information), an itinerary of...More >>
Our friend Rick Britton is offering a class through the Charlottesville Senior Center entitled "Tales of the University: Great Names & Events in U.Va.'s Early History." Details are as follows: Introduction— The beautiful University of Virginia is truly a special gem among institutions of higher...More >>
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