Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello

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The 2014 Harvest Festival at Monticello was a huge success! We hope you can join us next year for the 9th annual Festival on September 12, 2015.

If you don't know what you missed, check out the Festival video:

Interviews with Past Speakers at the Heritage Harvest Festival

Steve Bender
Steve Bender, Senior Writer at Southern Living Magazine, was a featured speaker during the Heritage Harvest Festival's Grand Preview Dinner on September 6, 2013.more »

Cary Fowler
Cary Fowler, American agriculturalist and the former executive director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust and current senior advisor to the Trust, spoke at the 7th annual Heritage Harvest Festival, September 6-7, 2013.more »

Joel Salatin
In 2012, Joel Salatin, author and third generation alternative farmer of Polyface, Inc., was a featured speaker at the annual Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello. more »


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