Jefferson and Battlestar Galactica?

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Invocations and indictments of Jefferson often appear in unlikely places.  But in relation to a remake of a corny 1970s TV space saga? Hmm.  Seems like a jump worthy of an FTL drive.

But if you like history, science fiction, or literary criticism, you might enjoy this Sarah Yahm review of the series finale (*spoiler alert*) of cult-fave Battlestar Galactica on  Ostensibly expressing disappointment in the show’s “pat” ending, Yahm cheekily places Jefferson squarely in the middle of a diatribe against the failings of pop culture and against the shallow presentations of "the purity of nature, monotheism, the sanctity of traditional hetero families, and, yikes, colonial expansion."   It’s an unlikely flight plan for an argument, so it’s tough to know.  Is Yahm being serious? Or is she just frakking with us?


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