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Read what Monticello staff members and guest authors have to say about Jefferson, Monticello, and how they experience Jefferson's experiment every day.

Several years ago, a visitor to Monticello emailed me and asked about something they'd seen in the Jefferson family graveyard , just a short walk down from Mulberry Row : Thomas Jefferson's gravestone seemed to be covered with coins. What's that about? (one might well ask). Colleagues here quickly...More >>
Two articles with TJ/Monticello content in the latest issue of Early American Life : "The Faces of a Generation," by Audrey J. Wolfe, about sculptor John Browere (who did a near-deadly life mask of Jefferson - there's a rather horrifying description of the proceedings by granddaughter Virginia here )More >>
A new intriguing book on the shelves: Impossible Engineering: Technology and Territoriality on the Canal du Midi , by Chandra Mukerji (Princeton, 2009). This dovetails nicely with one of our new TJ Encyclopedia articles , which features (among other useful pieces of information), an itinerary of...More >>
In a recent op-ed piece for the Daily Telegraph online, Conservative MP Daniel Hannan writes about his recent tour of speaking engagements at various conservative institutions in the U.S. Finding his message that Americans should "cleave to their Jeffersonian heritage" in the face of government...More >>
In a recent entry on the Huffington Post , Michael Meranze, History Professor at UCLA, quotes Jefferson and cites his epitaph in arguing against cuts in state spending on education at all levels in California. Read it at the Huffington Post More Jefferson quotes on educationMore >>
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Our friend Rick Britton is offering a class through the Charlottesville Senior Center entitled "Tales of the University: Great Names & Events in U.Va.'s Early History." Details are as follows: Introduction— The beautiful University of Virginia is truly a special gem among institutions of higher...More >>
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There was a little mini-explosion of chatter over the last week on What Jefferson Thought About Intelligent Design. I wasn't aware that Jefferson thought about intelligent design, but as we all know, if you use Thomas Jefferson's name in your argument, you automatically win. Double points for including a relevant quotation.More >>
Over the July 4th weekend I celebrated by watching a lot of Founding-Fathery patriotic television shows. This was more disturbing than entertaining, as one particular show - which I shall forebear to mention here - set me off on a Rumpelstilskin-esque fit of rage. I actually yelled at my television...More >>
Just in time for July 4, the annual run of Jefferson-related articles starts rolling in: The New York Times - Time Wastes Too Fast Wall Street Journal - Two Centuries On, a Cryptologist Cracks a Presidential Code Wall Street Journal - Thomas Jefferson, Musician New Yorker - July 4th Cartoon Caption...More >>
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It would be gilding the lily somewhat for me to try to talk too much about this, so I'll just say that author/artist Maira Kalman visited Monticello and captured the experience in one of her trademark picture-essay blog entries, entitled "Time Wastes Too Fast." It is, in the words of one commenter...More >>



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