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Read what Monticello staff members and guest authors have to say about Jefferson, Monticello, and how they experience Jefferson's experiment every day.

In her latest piece for the New York Times , Maira Kalman presents a moving and funny homage to Jefferson and Monticello following a recent visit to Charlottesville. Reader reaction has been very positive. Over 250 comments posted were in under 24 hours, with many including references to past and...More >>
True Story: In 1820-something, John Adlum, one of America's first wine geeks and sometime correspondent of our TJ's, writes to his friend Nicholas Longworth, "In bringing this grape [by which he meant the Catawba] into public notice, I have rendered my country a greater service, than I would have...More >>
As I believe I mentioned in a previous blog post, this fall will mark the 200th anniversary of Meriwether Lewis 's untimely and weird death on the Natchez Trace. To prepare for the momentous occasion, I felt the need to read up on the whole debate on the nature of his death: was it suicide, or...More >>
Since I set up my Google Alert, which allows me to track when new mentions of "Thomas Jefferson" appear on the Internet, I've been amazed to see that there is almost always a tiny little wave of rhetorical consultations of TJ in reaction to each big news story. In essence, every time something big...More >>
First off, apologies (again) for the lackadaisical nature of my blogging in the last few weeks. I fear the pace may slow down a bit as we enter the busy months of summer. So, on with the business: just minutes ago I received a book which I feel certain will set many scholarly hearts aflutter here:...More >>
Guest commentary. What an effort, my dear Sir, of bigotry in Politics & Religion have we gone through! The barbarians really flattered themselves they should be able to bring back the times of Vandalism, when ignorance put everything into the hands of power & priestcraft. --Thomas Jefferson...More >>
<p><strong>Guest commentary</strong></p> <blockquote><em>I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should "make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free...More >>
In seeking to set a new tone for relations between the United States and the Muslim world, President Obama invoked the words of Thomas Jefferson and referenced Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN), who used Jefferson's personal copy of the Koran, rather than a bible, for his swearing-in ceremony...More >>
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The Jefferson Library recently purchased The Great Decision: Jefferson, Adams, Marshall, and the Battle for the Supreme Court by Cliff Sloan and David McKean. It presents complex legality in a easy style for all readers. The book also sheds light on how the Supreme Court really was not seen as an...More >>
The 2008 issue of Furniture History: The Journal of the Furniture History Society is All John Soane All the Time, with “A Catalogue of the Furniture in Sir John Soane’s Museum,” as well as several articles on John Soane and his furniture. Who's John Soane, you say, and what's he got to do with...More >>



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