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Musical Glasses

In the library catalog of 1783, Jefferson listed a pamphlet "By Miss Ford, Instruction for Playing on the Musical Glasses;[1] so that any person, who has the least Knowledge of Music, or a good Ear, may be able to perform in a few Days, if not in a few Hours." Although he doesn't seem to have purchased the pamphlet, he showed a great deal of interest in the developing instrument, but left no record of owning

Tea Room

  View Room Panorama Dimensions: 15' 1"x 11' 2"; ceiling 17' 11" (shown on left; Dining Room is right) Order: Doric

The American Philosophical Society and Western Exploration

As Jefferson groomed Meriwether Lewis to head an expedition to explore the West, it was understandable that he would turn to fellow members of the American Philosophical Society for support. This was the oldest learned society in the United States, and one dedicated to furthering knowledge of the natural sciences as well as cultivating the arts.