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Collaboration among libraries, archives, and museums

Melissa Renspie, Senior Communications Officer at OCLC, reports that, "our latest publication, a report on library, archive and museum collaboration by our contractor, Diane Zorich, and Program Officers Günter Waibel and Ricky Erway, "Beyond the Silos of the LAMs: Collaboration Among Libraries, Archives and Museums," (.pdf: 334K/59pp) is now available on the RLG Programs Web site at http://www.oclc.org/programs/publications/reports/2008-05.pdf.

An open source library?

Say we're a library.  Specifically, a library attached to a world famous (indeed, a U.N. World Heritage-designated) historic site.  We have an incredible array of information about the founding father for whom we work: scholarly monographs, popular books, documentaries, journal and magazine articles, primary sources, secondary sources--heck, we'd even have quaternary and quinary sources if such exist.