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View Room Panorama Dimensions: 27' 3" x 23' 8"; ceiling 18' 2" Order: Corinthian

All John Soane All the Time

The 2008 issue of Furniture History: The Journal of the Furniture History Society is All John Soane All the Time, with “A Catalogue of the Furniture in Sir John Soane’s Museum,” as well as several articles on John Soane and his furniture.  Who's John Soane, you say, and what's he got to do with Thomas Jefferson?  And I say: well, architecture, neoclassicism...something like that.  All I know is, Curatorial wants me to buy lots of books on John Soane, and I do whatever they tell me.*  Anyway, here's a panoramic


Lewis worked as carpenter and joiner ; he was a cradler during the wheat harvest.  In 1774, Lewis was, “allotted to T.J. … on a division of the estate” of John Wayles.1  At Monticello, Lewis met his wife, Jenny, and the couple had six children by 1800. But while “Jenny… [and the] children of the said Jenny,” were leased to tenant farmer John H. Craven “for the term of 5.

Book Boxes

(Also called "book cases" or "book presses.") In 1815, Thomas Jefferson "ceded" (he never used the word "sold" when referring to the transaction) his extensive personal library to the United States government to replace the holdings in the Capitol that were burned by the British in 1814. His collection of nearly seven thousand titles was perhaps the finest in the country and later it became the foundation of the Library of Congress.