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Virginia Dissenters

Congratulations to John Ragosta, one of our former ICJS fellows, who has an article in the new Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, "Fighting for Freedom: Virginia Dissenters' Struggle for Religious Liberty during the American Revolution" (vol. 116 no. 3).

What would Jefferson do...

. . . with the news of Barack Obama's election?  Historian (and former ICJS Fellow) Joseph J. Ellis wrote an interesting opinion piece in the L.A. Times yesterday addressing this very question:

Book review alert

Leonard Sadosky (former ICJS fellow) does Susan Dunn's Dominion of Memories: Jefferson, Madison, and the Decline of Virginia and Jon Kukla's Mr.

Re-planting the vegetable patch

Once-and-future ICJS fellow Andrea Wulf published a short, fascinating article in The Guardian just yesterday - the Obamas are digging up a patch to plant vegetables at the White House, following a long tradition of presidential vegetable gardeners, including Our Man TJ (of course).