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Jefferson's Instructions to Michaux

[post January 23, 1793] To Mr. Andrew Michaud. Sundry persons having subscribed certain sums of money for your encouragement to explore the country a[long] the Missouri, & thence Westwardly to the Pacific ocean, having submitted the plan of the enterprise to the direction of the American Philosophical society, & the Society having accepted of the trust, they proceed to give you the following instructions.

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Jefferson presentation at Library of Virginia

The next program in the Virginia Heritage Resource Center's Mining the Treasure House lecture series will be held at noon on Tuesday, 16 September 2008 in the conference rooms adjacent to the lobby of the Library of Virginia at 800 East Broad Street in downtown Richmond. The speakers will be J. Jefferson Looney, Editor-in-Chief of the Thomas Jefferson Papers, Retirement Series, and Lisa A. Francavilla, Managing Editor of that series.

Featured Letter: A Disappointing Tobacco Shipment

In a time when there was no thought of providing former chief executives with pensions, Thomas Jefferson relied primarily on the produce of his farms for subsi


View Room Panorama Dimensions: 18' 6" x 11' 10"; ceiling 10' 0"   Order: Tuscan Source: Palladio   Color: There is some evidence that the room was originally wallpapered; today painted oyster white.

About Jefferson Quotes & Family Letters

Jefferson Quotes & Family Letters is a companion to the letterpress volumes of The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series. The content presented as part of this collection includes Family Letters: full, searchable transcriptions of a rich body of correspondence to and between Jefferson's immediate and extended family.

Current Cumulative Index

The cumulative index is the most up-to-date version, superseding those found in the print volumes. The abbreviation "TJ" stands for Thomas Jefferson. Cross references are hyperlinked to main entries and relevant subentries. This index only provides references to pages in the published volumes.

Design and Decor - The Modern Office

In May of 1989, the Wall Street Journal reported that the model office for the future can be found in the past, at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. In 2009, Wired.com called Monticello an "18th Century Palace of Gadget Geekery" that featured the latest "inventions and hacks." Jefferson filled his Cabinet with devices designed "with a greater eye to convenience" to make his work comfortable and efficient. A virtual reality movie of the Cabinet is available in the "House" section.