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Hemings, Elizabeth

The majority of those interviewed for the Getting Word project trace their ancestry to Elizabeth Hemings.  Her descendants occupied a special role at Monticello, serving in important positions with

A Solution? Jefferson Proposes Gradual Emancipation

Throughout his life, Jefferson privately endorsed a plan of gradual emancipation, by which all people born into slavery after a certain date would be freed and sent beyond the borders of the United States when they reached adulthood. He published a short description of this plan in his book Notes on the State of Virginia.

A Solution? Jefferson Proposes Colonization

Jefferson, along with many other Americans, combined plans for emancipation with colonization―moving freed slaves outside the U.S. "I have seen no proposition so expedient . . . as that of emancipation of those [slaves] born after a given day, and of their education and expatriation at a proper age," Jefferson wrote in 1814. He eventually decided that Africa was the best destination.