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Fiske Kimball

Fiske Kimball (1888-1955) was an art historian and architect who served for thirty years as director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (1925-1955) and for thirty-one years as Chairman of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation's Restoration Committee (1924-1955) and as a member of the Board (1939-1955).[1] During his long association with Monticello, Kimball defined the restoration goals for the house and grounds and oversaw the specifics of every restoration project as well as determining the collection polic

The Cult of Marie Kimball

Some weeks ago a book was returned to us, and its back cover caught my eye.  As it happens, the book itself, as well as its author, are well worth examination, even though they seem not to be as well known as they should be.

I call it "The Gilded Pig"

That would be a great name for a band, wouldn't it?  Or a car.  Alas, no, it's my latest book acquisition, and although I do poke gentle fun at my Gilded Pig, it really is a great little find.  I've been scouring the Internets for undiscovered works of genius by Marie Kimball, and came across a book she wrote - more of a pamph