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Francis Alberti

Francis (Francesco) Alberti ( ? – 1785) was a musician from Faenza, Italy who taught music to Thomas Jefferson and his family.[1]

Musical Glasses

In the library catalog of 1783, Jefferson listed a pamphlet "By Miss Ford, Instruction for Playing on the Musical Glasses;[1] so that any person, who has the least Knowledge of Music, or a good Ear, may be able to perform in a few Days, if not in a few Hours." Although he doesn't seem to have purchased the pamphlet, he showed a great deal of interest in the developing instrument, but left no record of owning

Monticello Podcasts

Jefferson and the Early Diplomatic Corps The recent controversy over release of U.S. diplomatic cables via Wikileaks got us thinking about how Jefferson, the U.S.'s first Secretary of State under the Constitution, and his successors communicated with their ambassadors and consuls abroad.

Musical Dates

Helen Cripe, who wrote The Book on Jefferson and all things music, has been hanging out with us at the library for the last month, which has been pretty cool.  She's been working on re-configuring her magnum opus into the next Monticello Monograph.  (Personally, I've been getting a big kick out of seeing the look on people's faces when they come in looking for Helen's book and I get to say, "oh hey, she's sitting right over there!")  Before she bids us farewell, she'll be givi