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Route to Poplar Forest

Every April, when Monticello was "enlivened by the reanimation of birds, flowers, the fields, forests & gardens," Thomas Jefferson left his mountaintop on a three-day journey in search of "the solitude of a hermit."[1] His hermitage, which he had designed himself, lay on his Poplar Forest plantation in Bedford County - "the best dwelling house in the state, except that of Monticello; perhaps preferable to that, as

Design and Decor - The Modern Office

In May of 1989, the Wall Street Journal reported that the model office for the future can be found in the past, at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. In 2009, Wired.com called Monticello an "18th Century Palace of Gadget Geekery" that featured the latest "inventions and hacks." Jefferson filled his Cabinet with devices designed "with a greater eye to convenience" to make his work comfortable and efficient. A virtual reality movie of the Cabinet is available in the "House" section.