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Mr. Jad, I'm emailing you directly. We would be happy to work with you on a session with your class. Thanks for contacting us, and I welcome other teachers to get in touch with us if they have similar requests Melanie Bowyer Manager of Digital Education Outreach more »


This succinct timeline gives us a side-by-side view of the goings on in both Jefferson's public life and private life, from his birth in 1743 to his death in 1826. While not overflowing with detail, it is a good, basic timeline of Jefferson's life.more »


Monticello has a rich and complicated history when it comes to the issue of slavery. Most people have heard of Sally Hemings, but there were many other slaves living on the plantation during Jefferson's time. Monticello's Research Historian, Cinder Stanton, heads a project that seeks...more »

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