What do you think would be on Thomas Jefferson’s desk if he were alive today?

Download the 2011-2012 School Tours BrochureThomas Jefferson viewed the world around him with the eye of a scientist. His interests were limitless, and he was always on the lookout for “useful knowledge,” new ideas, and inventions.

Keeping in mind that Mr. Jefferson was a man who embraced new technology, what items do you think he would have in his cabinet (or office) if he were alive today?  Would he have an e-reader?  Would he send a text or prefer to write a letter? Post your ideas for TJ’s 21st-century cabinet below. 

Check out the Monticello Explorer, "Drudging at the Writing Table" in the Jefferson section of this website, and the Cabinet in the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia.

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"Jefferson definitely would have a windows laptop computer with a webcam, an e reader with an extended battery life, a fountain pen, a tablet, a smartphone, ipod downloaded with classical and folk music, and his fair has to be swivel chair, a graphing calculator and a few scientific instruments oh and also his violin not to far out of reach with all of his music."

- Bethany from Illinois


Ideas for Jefferson's Cabinet from Mr. Owen's class 5th-Grade Class in Northumberland, PA:

laptop, kindle, cellphone, lamp, glasses, sweet tea, quill pen, stuffed raccoon, paper, book, bobble head, parrot


I actually think he would have a fountain pen. And probably have an IMac and have a kindle fire to read his books on the latest and have the Hunger Games series that hes almost finished with and I also strongly believe he would have one of those white things that you stick in all of your papers and it organizes in your computer :)

From:Littlaxe School


I think that he would have a pager, and he would also have a quill pen.


TJ was totally into new and technology would be his interest today.

He would have an iPad, an iPhone, and a Mac Air... office would be wireless and a router would be hidden.

He would have a fountain pen just for fun


You are spot-on - Jefferson did in fact have a fountain pen! He wrote to Bernard Peyton in 1824, "I saw yesterday in the hands of Mr. Dyer, a fountain pen, one of the best I ever saw. He said it was made for him by Mr. Cowan, a watchmaker of Richmond and cost him 5 D. ...Pray get the favor of Mr. Cowan to make such an one for me..."


An iPad or other tablet for quick communication and reference and a Kindle or a Nook for longer reading sessions. I think for his desktop, though, he would choose a linux machine (with dual screens) -- all that free and open-source software would appeal to the tinkerer in him and to his wariness of patents.


I think that Jefferson would have been intrigued by the iPad - the combination of new technology and utility would be very appealing to him.
He would probably also have a computer and fax machine, and maybe a digital watch as well.


I think that Jefferson would have a computer and copier/printer on his desk today because that way he could easily keep track of all of his information and it would be easy to print multiple copies or make a copy of any document available. Also, he might have a file cabinet beside his desk to keep things in order.


I think Mr. Jefferson would LOVE email! He could "cc" himself so he'd always have a copy of his correspondence with others.

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