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Kundrun Challenge

Remains of Monticello's Joinery on Mulberry Row

Thomas Jefferson Foundation Trustee and longtime Monticello supporter Fritz Kundrun and his wife Claudine matched the NEH grant for the Mulberry Row and the Landscape of Slavery at Jefferson's Monticello project. They have issued a challenge to all who want to help restore this important part of the mountaintop's history and will match gifts up to $3 million in support of the interpretation of Mulberry Row.

"It is our responsibility to preserve this piece of American history as well as to educate others about Monticello as the entire plantation, where enslaved men and women worked and lived. Join us in supporting a truly remarkable project," said Kundrun.

For more information on how you can contribute to the restoration and interpretation of The Landscape of Slavery: Mulberry Row at  Monticello, please contact Principal Gifts Officer Lindsay N. Mericli at 434-984-9827 or lmericli@monticello.org.

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