Monticello Trailblazers

Become a Monticello Trailblazer!

The Monticello Trailblazers support the work of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation to promote and preserve the development and maintenance of the 230-acre linear park and its system of trails. By becoming a Monticello Trailblazer, you can help us to ensure that this community treasure is enjoyable and safe for everyone. With a gift of $25 or more, you can join the many others - runners, walkers, bikers, and trail users of every kind - who are investing and caring for the Monticello Trail.  Let's blaze the trail together! 

Show your appreciation for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation's stewardship of the Monticello Trail. Act now with a gift of $25 or more and become a Monticello Trailblazer!

For more information about how you can become involved, please contact

What is the Monticello Trail?

It is more than you might think!

  • 2.2 miles of Saunders-Monticello Trail
  • 12,000 boards on the surface of the boardwalk
  • 32,000 square feet of native stone on the face of Saunders' Bridge
  • 62 species of native trees and 44 species of native shrubs planted in the arboretum
  • 97 species of birds at Secluded Farm
  • 85,000 walkers annually
  • 2 full-time employees & 850 hours of yearly Ranger monitoring
  • 2,100 hours of yearly mowing and bush-hogging

Runners enjoying the Monticello Trail


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