Asparagus Bean

Vigna unguiculata sesquipedalis


Also known as Asiatic Pole Bean and Yard Long Bean, Aspargus Bean is South American native described by Linnaeus in 1763. Jefferson grew them at Monticello and noted "When green they are dressed as Asparagus, or as snaps, or boiled in soup." His pods grew to 3 feet long and his crops were so successful he sent surplus to friends. Pale green with rosy tips, these beans are often described as tasting like Asparagus, hence the name.

Growth Type: Annual Color(s): Purple Hardiness Zones: 1 - 10 Location at Monticello: Vegetable Garden Planting Conditions: Full Sun Map it:

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Blooming Dates 2001: Jul 12 – Jul 252007: Jul 20 – Aug 22014: Jul 2 – Jul 23