August Lily

Hosta plantaginea Grandiflora


Hostas, formerly known as "Funkias," were introduced into Europe from China and Japan in the 1780s. By the late nineteenth century the White Day Lily, H. plantaginea (then called Funkia ovata) was considered an old-fashioned flower in America. Gertrude Jekyll, Britain's renown landscape gardener and writer, used the 'Grandiflora' form (a sterile hybrid introduced from Japan in 1841) in large Italian pots, mixed with white lilies, hydrangeas and ferns.
August Lily produces fragrant, white, trumpet-shaped flowers on 2-foot stalks in late summer amid glossy, light green leaves that form large clumps. It thrives in part shade and moist, woodsy soil.

Growth Type: Perennial Color(s): white Hardiness Zones: 4 - 8 Location at Monticello: West Lawn by original Tulip Poplar Planting Conditions: Shade Map it:

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Blooming Dates 2003: Aug 24 – Sep 262004: Jul 29 – Aug 272005: Aug 23 – Oct 42006: Aug 17 – Sep 152007: Aug 2 – Sep 282014: Aug 18 – Sep 12