In Bloom at Monticello

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African Marigold

Tagetes erecta


Ageratum houstonianum

Asparagus Bean

Vigna unguiculata sesquipedalis

Bachelor Button

Centaurea cyanus


Impatiens balsamina

Balsam Apple

Momordica balsamina

Black-eyed Susan

Rudbeckia hirta

Blackberry Lily

Belamcanda chinensis

Butterfly Weed

Asclepias tuberosa


Calendula officinalis

Canterbury Bells

Campanula medium


Cynara cardunculus


Celosia cristata

Cypress Vine

Ipomoea quamoclit


Hemerocallis fulva


Chrysanthemum parthenium

Flowering Tobacco

Nicotiana alata

Four O'Clock

Mirabilis jalapa


Digitalis purpurea


Pelargonium inquinans

Globe Amaranth

Gomphrena globosa

Globe Artichoke

Cynara scolymus

Golden Crownbeard

Verbesina encelioides

Great Red Hibiscus

Hibiscus coccineus

Horminum Sage

Salvia viridis

Hyacinth Bean

Dolichos lablab

Joseph's Coat

Amaranthus tricolor


Lantana camara


Nigella damascena


Amaranthus caudatus

Musk Rose

Rosa moschata plena

Narrow-leaved Coneflower

Echinacea angustifolia

Narrow-leaved Zinnia

Zinnia angustifolia


Tropaeolum majus

Nettle-leaved Bellflower

Campanula trachelium

Okra - Cows Horn

Hibiscus esculentus


Nerium oleander

Peruvian Zinnia

Zinnia peruviana

Prickly Poppy

Argemone mexicana

Prince's Feather

Polygonum orientale

Purple Coneflower

Echinacea purpurea

Scarlet Runner Bean

Phaseolus coccineus

Small Globe Thistle

Echinops ritro

Small-flowered Zinnia

Zinnia pauciflora


Antirrhinum magus

Spider Flower

Cleome hasslerana


Cucurbita pepo


Helichrysum bracteatum

Striped French Marigold

Tagetes patula cv. 'Striped'


Helianthus annus


Tanacetum vulgare

Tassel Flower

Emilia javanica


Lycopersicon esculentum

Turk's-cap lily

Lilium superbum

White Foxglove

Digitalis purpurea 'Alba'



Can anyone tell me the variety of St. Johns Wort (hypericum) that is used at Monticello? (I saw an almost identical variety at Mt. Vernon the day after my last Monticello visit a couple of weeks ago.) It's far larger and bushier than any I've been able to find in North Carolina, and I'd love to locate a retail source. You folks consistently awe me with your meticulous landscaping. Love it! One of my favorite places on earth is in the vegetable garden at Monticello.


Simply Amazing :)


How is the lilac doing? Is it blooming yet? Last year it was early and I missed it completely.


According to our curator of plants, the lilacs seem to be doing fine and are starting to bloom now.


Does anyone know when the tulip bloom at Monticello?


Generally, April is tulip month here. But I just heard from our Curator of Plants that ‘Duc van Tol Max Cramoisi’ Tulip (Tulipa gesnerana introduced circa 1700) is up.


Gardeners are among the biggest supporters of all things Jefferson; pictures from the gardens never fail to elicit a lot of input on our Facebook page. The In Bloom database is a wonderful resource for anybody who loves Jefferson's love of plants, or if they just want to come visit (or just visited) and are wondering what's in bloom. It's a rich distillation of some amazing scholarship to boot.


Customers frequently come into the Museum Shop with questions about a specific flowering plant they saw on the Monticello grounds that they could not identify. The great majority of the time, we have a Garden Shop employee available who can quickly identify the plant based on the customer's description. On the rare occasions that we don't, this website comes in very handy. The content changes each month to reflect what is actually in bloom at the current time, and it is such a helpful resource that we have started printing out the information and posting it at each register.


Just a day or two after launching this project, I sat next to a woman on one of our shuttle buses and noticed she was holding a print out of In Bloom at Monticello. "I've never seen anything like it," she said when I asked her about it. It was one of my earliest projects as webmaster here and is still one of my favorites.


Current list of Flowers in bloom in the gardens.