Jefferson and Religion

On June 21, 2005, David Holmes, Professor of Religion at The College of William and Mary, listed out key points of Jefferson's religious beliefs and practices and offered an answer to the oft-asked question of whether the Author of the Declaration of American Independence might have been a Unitarian. This talk was sponsored by SunTrust.

"I'm Arius of Alexandria, the talk of the town:" the Roots of Unitarianism Michael Servetus and the Rebirth of "Anti-trinitarianism" Servetus, Calvin, Socinus, and the Spread of Unitarianism "A sect unto myself:" Three Points of Jefferson's Beliefs
Jefferson, the Deist The most sublime system of morals:" Jefferson's Jesus Was Jefferson a Unitarian? Questions: When did Jefferson find common cause with with Presbyrterians and Baptists and did he find conflict?
Questions: Did Jefferson believe in prayer?      

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