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Beatrix Arendt
Laboratory Archaeologist
Ph.D.University of Virginia, 2011
Specializations: Historical archaeology.
E-mail: barendt

Jenn Briggs
Archaeological Analyst
B.A. University of Virginia, 2009
E-mail: jbriggs

Leslie Cooper
Archaeological Analyst, Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery
B.A. University of South Carolina, 1998
E-mail: lcooper

Jillian E. Galle
Project Manager, Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery
Ph.D. University of Virginia, 2006
Specializations: Historical archaeology, African-American culture, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American material culture and architecture, craft production.
E-mail: jgalle

Fraser D. Neiman
Director of Archaeology
Ph.D. Yale, 1990
Specializations: Historical archaeology, archaeological theory,
quantitative techniques, vernacular architecture.
E-mail: fneiman

Crystal Ptacek
Field Archaeologist
M.A. University of Tennessee, 2013
Specializations: Historical archaeology.
E-mail: cptacek

Beth Sawyer
Archaeological Analyst
B.A. William & Mary, 2005
E-mail: bsawyer

Jesse Sawyer
Archaeological Analyst, Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery
B.A. University of Virginia, 1999
E-mail: jsawyer

Derek Wheeler
Research Archaeologist
M.A. University of Virginia, 1996
Specializations: Historical archaeology of Virginia and Massachusetts
E-mail: dwheeler

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Joanne Bowen
Curator of Zooarchaeology, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
James Feathers
Director, Luminesence Dating Laboratory, University of Washington
Sediment dating.
Kandace Hollenbach
Research Assistant Professor, Laboratory Manager, Archaeological Research Laboratory, University of Tennessee
John Jones
Professor, Department of Anthropology, Washington State University
Pollen analysis.
Steven Keuhl
Professor, Department of Physical Sciences, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences
Sediment Dating.
G. William Monaghan
Associate Research Scientist, Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology, Indiana University

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