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The following is a running list of new items received at the Jefferson Library. For a full list of acquisitions that have been cataloged within the last four weeks, see the New in Portal feature in the Thomas Jefferson Portal.  For more information about our collections, see our Collections page.

Thomas Jefferson and the Monticello Plantation

Received 9/18/12

  • Yeck, Joanne L.  The Jefferson Brothers.  Slate River Press, 2012.

Received 8/10/12

  • Franklin, Esther.  Thomas Jefferson: Inquiry History for Daring Delvers.  Xlibris, 2012.

Received 7/20/12

Received 5/8/12

Received 5/1/12

Received 4/26/12

Received 4/19/12

Jefferson's World and Legacy/Miscellaneous

Received 9/18/12

Received 9/10/12

Received 9/1/12

Received 8/3/12

Received 7/23/12

Received 7/16/12

Received 7/9/12

Received 6/26/12

Received 6/18/12


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