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Thomas Garth

Thomas Garth (d. 1812) leased parts of Monticello and Shadwell from Thomas Jefferson from around 1772 to 1775. He also served as Jefferson's steward in Albemarle county from 1776 to 1782. Jefferson bought the Lego property from Garth then leased it back to him. Ultimately, he moved to the western part of Albemarle county where he had a large tract of land.


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Rosalie E. Davis wrote a wonderful genealogy book on the Garth Family c1988 called The Garth Family; 1734-1986. I am a researcher for the Bellefontaine Cemetery in St Louis where Dabney C. Garth is buried near his friend Sterling Price. I am trying to collect additional information about the life of Dabney C. Garth, son of Thomas Garth for cemetery records. Any help would be appreciated. Email me at Thank you for you help.


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