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Fieldtrip Request Form

This Reservation Request form is for "Guided Fieldtrips" only. To make a reservation for a regular fieldtrip please call Group Tours at (434) 984-9880.

A Reservations Representative will contact you within 48 business hours to complete your reservation. This Request is not a confirmed Reservation. Once your program is scheduled, you will receive a contract that must be signed and returned within 2 weeks with a $100 deposit to confirm your reservation. Your reservation will be cancelled if the contract and deposit are not received by the due date.

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Please check box to select your program.

House Tour only, grades K-12
      Download a suggested self-guided itinerary sheet to help plan your class visit here.
Roundabout Monticello, grades 3 and up  (Max 150)
Childhood at Monticello, grades K-3 (Max. 80)
Daily Life at Monticello, grades 3 and up (Max 100)
Jefferson’s Contributions, grades 3 and up  (Max 100)
Jefferson & Architecture, grades 3 and up (Max 100)  

A minimum of 15 individuals is required for a guided program.

Number of Students:    
Number of Adults
Please include parents in the final numbers. Any parent not included in the confirmed count will not receive the group discount and will likely not be able to tour with their child.

Requested tour date choices:

Requested Program Start Time:
(We will attempt to schedule as close to this time as possible. Please note: Your group will need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your program Start time.)

 Latest Departure Time:
(The time your group must be on the bus to depart.)

Special Needs Student(s) Requirements/Other Comments:


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