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Parking and Getting Around Monticello

Visitor parking at Monticello is free.  Spaces for buses, RV's and trailers are available.  Handicapped parking spaces are located near the Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center and Smith Education Center (handicapped license plate or tag required).  Visitors are advised to lock vehicles.  Monticello is not responsible for loss or damage incurred in the parking area.  Overnight parking is prohibited.  PLEASE NOTE: No bags or backpacks exceeding 11 x 15 x 6 inches are allowed beyond the Shuttle Station.

Shuttle Buses To and From the House and Mountaintop
After picking up your ticket(s) at the Visitor Center, a 25-passenger shuttle bus will transport you to the mountaintop (unless you choose to take the trail; see below).  Passengers will be dropped off near Monticello's East Walk where they can can also board to take the shuttle back to the Visitor Center and parking area. On the return trip, the shuttle will stop Jefferson's gravesite and drop off and pick up passengers as needed. Visitors must be seated while riding the bus.  Smoking is prohibited.

Hiking Trail
Many visitors enjoy taking the trail the relatively short distance (roughly half a mile) from the Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center parking area to the house.  But be sure to pick up your ticket(s) first; a Monticello ticket is required to walk up this trail.


calhoun83's picture
My mother and I, along with our lapdog visited the walking trail today as we do frequently. Today, the leash law was being violated by three people that we encountered. One dog, a water spaniel chased after our little dog and created chaos. Finally she took him to the pond and he chased the geese. Great for them too. As we were settling down and heading back to the car, a small man with a big black dog (off leash) along with an Akita came across our path. The black dog chased our dauchsund and the Akita pulled the leash right out of his hand and headed right for our little 11 pound canine kid. Neither of these people were apologetic. People with large dogs never seem to realize that their dogs are not just "being friendly" but in fact injure and kill many small dogs. Who do I report this to? It certainly was not the peaceful afternoon walk we had hoped for.
Concerned Cindy
Jason R. Stevens's picture
Concerned Cindy, Thank you for coming to the Saunders-Monticello Trail, but I am sad to hear that you did not have an enjoyable day like you had planned. We unfortuneatly have individuals that do not keep their dog under control at times. There are four staff members that are there almost seven days a week and if you see any of us; please stop and inform us of a situation like that. Or you can call Monticello Security in an emergency at: 984-9885 and they can get a hold of us. Thank you and I hope this helps with your concern and I will pass this along to the staff. Jason R. Stevens, Saunders-Monticello Trail Manager
Jason R. Stevens


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