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State Library Gets a New Website

The Library of Virginia announced in its latest e-newsletter that they have launched two (2) shiny new websites. The new main library website is at (which, among its many other fine qualities, is a URL slightly easier to remember than its predecessor,

Join the conversation

Intrepid visitors to Monticello's web site may have already caught the announcement, but I wanted to bring it to the attention of the loyal readers of our friendly blog here:

Inaugurations and Such

Well, I've missed our President's actual inauguration by several days, but I'd like to belatedly commemorate the occasion by offering an intriguing historical tidbit about - yes! - Jefferson's first inauguration.

Finding this was no garden tour

After a long, ridiculous search that made my head hurt real bad, I made a discovery that I hope will save many people from similar experiences: the nice people at Swem Library at the College of William and Mary have put Jefferson's "Notes on a Tour of English Gardens" up on their website.  In full color!  (Warning: massive files!)

More Digital Goodies

It seems you can't turn around these days without tripping over a fabulous online digital collection.  While searching this morning for an intriguingly-titled Civil War pamphlet (“Interior Causes of the War: The Nation Demonized and its President a Spirit-Rapper," by "A Citizen of Ohio"), I found that the lovely people at Cornell University had made it available online as part of their Samuel J. May Anti-Slavery Collection:

New from the Scout Report: Creating the United States

Since 1994 the Scout Report has listed and annotated praiseworthy websites of interest to librarians, teachers, students, and scholars. Here's one that we will add to our Thomas Jefferson Portal research database: Creating the United States.  More info:

African American Studies Resources Online

I received the following update notification just now from Oxford University Press regarding the African American Studies Center fulltext file to which we subscribe.  Note:  this is a restricted access service available only to computer users at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation OR at any other institution with a paid subscription to this resource.

Dear Jack Robertson - Thomas Jefferson Foundation,

Digital History at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Two gentlemen, Will Thomas and Doug Seefeldt, who helped develop content and programs in digital history at the University of Virginia’s Virginia Center for Digital History — – are now in charge of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, History Department’s digital history initiatives.  This web site — http://digitalh

Jefferson impersonator Clay Jenkinson

An interesting article about Clay Jenkinson's 2006 appearance on the Colbert Report, along with two other prominent Thomas Jefferson interpreters, is online here...along with Clay's apology to TJ for appearing on the show, and TJ's response (he's over it!).


I've discovered by accident that we now have access to the Papers of George Washington Digital Edition (since we've shelled out the big bucks for this one, it's only available from Foundation computers - sorry, Everybody Else!  You might ask your local librarian about getting access).  The provider of this content, Rotunda (the University Press of Virginia's electronic imprint) is also planning on do