~ A Heritage Harvest Festival Preview Workshop! ~

Tara Whitsitt’s (Fermentation on Wheels) is rolling into Monticello’s Tufton Farm! 

Discover the wonders of fermentation in a hands-on, taste-bud-interactive workshop held at our dynamic Tufton Farm. Originally one of Jefferson’s quarter farms, Tufton was an important food source for the Monticello plantation. Today, the farm is home to the Center for Historic Plants, and provides much of the produce served in the dishes at our Farm Table café.

A testament to the intelligence of age-old processes, the wonders of collaboration with nature, and the eagerness of micro-organisms to thrive, the methods of fermenting food certainly aren’t new. In fact, there are indications that early civilizations were making wine, beer and bread some 7,000-8,000 years ago.

Join Whitsitt and the Tufton team for an engaging workshop featuring vegetables and produce harvested at the farm. In this course, participants will learn the basic concepts of vegetable and beverage fermentation, with a focus on the versatility of fermentation from seasonal offerings. Learn about cost-effective tools and techniques to get started fermenting at home. Students will prepare and take home a jar of fermented vegetables, and receive a water kefir starter kit for culturing beverages.

The day includes a delicious lunch farm-to-table luncheon enjoyed (weather permitting) in the magical display gardens at Tufton. Includes Monticello’s homemade ice cream and a glass of Virginia wine!

Please wear cool, comfortable clothing and footwear. As this event will take place both indoors and outdoors, sunscreen and hats are recommended.

Directions to Tufton Farm: 1293 Tufton Farm, Charlottesville, VA 22902.

Tara Whitsitt, Author and Educator

Tara Whitsitt Tara Whitsitt is a nomadic writer, illustrator, and fermentation educator who has been teaching workshops, collaborating with creatives and writing about food traditions since 2013. She is the author of Fermentation on Wheels: Road Stories, Food Ramblings, and 50 Do-It-Yourself Recipes from Sauerkraut, Kombucha, and Yogurt to Miso, Tempeh, and Mead (Bloomsbury 2017). Whitsitt is the founder of the traveling educational food hub by the same name, for which she has received critical acclaim from Publisher’s Weekly, The New York Times, Civil Eats, NPR’s The Splendid Table and others.