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Cary Hotchkiss II


Cary Hotchkiss II

Cary Hotchkiss II


William Stuart Bankhead (1826-1898), at lower right, Jefferson's great-grandson and ancestor of Cary Hotchkiss II and Roger McWhorter


William Stuart Bankhead (1826-1898), Jefferson's great-grandson, at lower right
Courtesy of Cary Hotchkiss II



The Hotchkiss family (Bankhead descendants) flanked by Edward Scott and Mildred Scott Young, whose mother Susan Scott was brought to Alabama by William Stuart Bankhead


The Hotchkiss family flanked by Edward Scott and Mildred Scott Young

Dates alive: 
Residence (at time of interview): 
Courtland, AL

Cousins Cary Hotchkiss II and Roger McWhorter are descendants of Thomas Jefferson’s eldest granddaughter Anne Randolph Bankhead through her son, William Stuart Bankhead.  Among the slaves Bankhead brought with him to Alabama in 1846 was Susan Scott.  For the past century and a half the lives of the Scott and Bankhead families have been intertwined. 

Cary Hotchkiss is retired from farming.  Roger McWhorter left banking for farming: cotton at first and then cattle.  They both have vivid memories of spending time at the home of their relative Miss Cary Hotchkiss (1887–1978), where Lessie Young Clay, Susan Scott’s great-granddaughter, was cook.  And playing baseball with Lessie Clay’s brothers and nephews.

Both agreed that the Scott descendants are like family to them.  As Hotchkiss said, “I don’t know who had the biggest hold on whom.”

Interview Information: 

12 Nov. 1996, Courtland, AL
Interviewees: Roger McWhorter, Cary Hotchkiss II

  • Thomas Jefferson 1743–1846 Martha Wayles Jefferson 1748–1782
  • Martha Jefferson Randolph 1772–1836
  • Ann Randolph Bankhead 1791–1826
  • William Stuart Bankhead 1826–1898
  • Cary Hotchkiss II
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