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Lucille Roberts Balthazar


Lucille Balthazar, 1995

Lucille Balthazar, 1995

Dates alive: 
Residence (at time of interview): 
Victorville, CA

Lucille Balthazar, only three generations removed from Madison Hemings of Monticello, heard of her connection to Jefferson from her father, William Giles Roberts, although he rarely spoke of it.  He participated in the family mortuary business and owned a farm northeast of Los Angeles in the Apple Valley, where he had gardens and orchards.  Mrs. Balthazar knew her grandmother, Ellen Hemings Roberts, well and loved to go to dinner at her house.  Her grandmother “always set the table beautifully....each of us had our silver napkin rings with our name on it.”

Interview Information: 

23 Oct. 1995, Victorville, CA
Interviewee: Lucille Balthazar

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