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Martha Fletcher


Martha Fletcher

Martha Fletcher

Dates alive: 
Residence (at time of interview): 
Cincinnati, OH

In 1998, the pastor and several members of Cumminsville Baptist Church in Cincinnati generously shared what they had heard about the founder of their church. The Rev. Peter Fossett’s presence is still vivid a century after his death. His photograph is in the vestibule of the church building, in which the congregation moved because of construction of an interstate highway. The Rev. George Southerland, Martha Fletcher, and Edna and Lucius Roberts spoke of what they heard of Reverend Fossett’s generosity, his accomplishments, and the respect in which he was held across the whole city of Cincinnati.

Interview Information: 

8 Nov. 1998, Cincinnati, OH
Interviewees: Rev. George Southerland, Martha Fletcher, Edna Roberts, Lucius Roberts



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