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Mary Cassells Kearney


Mary Kearney, 2011

Mary Kearney, 2011


 Page from Thomas Woodson family photo album open to picture of "James Cassell" and "Frances Woodson, Daughter of Thomas Woodson"
Courtesy Mary Cassells Kearney

Page from Thomas Woodson family photo album
Courtesy Mary Cassells Kearney

Dates alive: 
Residence (at time of interview): 
Columbus, OH

When Mary Kearney was seven, her father, G. Victor Cassells, called her and her siblings into the living room and showed them a small, leather-bound photo album.  He said, “I want you children to know who your ancestors are,” and told them that Thomas Jefferson was their third great-grandfather.  The treasured album, which came through her grandfather Cyrus Craton Cassells, a Civil War veteran, now belongs to Mrs. Kearney.

She married James A. Kearney and raised six children, writes poetry, and worked as a personnel security specialist for the Department of Defense for seventeen years.  An avid historian of the Woodson family, she gave to Monticello an ingenious piece of her father’s woodworking: a chain carved from a single piece of walnut.

Interview Information: 

4 Feb. 2000, Whitehall, OH
Interviewee: Mary Kearney
Also present: Linda Carr, Richard Carr, Theresa Murray, Vivian Hewitt, Dr. John Hewitt, Peggy Harrison

  • Thomas Woodson 1790–1879 Jemima Price 1783–1868
  • Frances Woodson Cassells 1814–1899
  • Cyrus C. Cassells 1845–1919
  • Mary Cassells Kearney 1921–
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