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Jane Aileen Gordon Floyd

Jane Floyd was born in St. Louis but spent summers at the Selma, Ohio, farm of her maternal grandparents, John Penn and Barbara Ann Woodson.  She first learned of her lineage when she shared her elopement plans with her mother, Jane Ann Woodson Gordon (1890–1972).  “That’s how she happened to tell me about being descended from Thomas Jefferson.” 

Paula Roberts Henderson

Three daughters of Consuelo and Elmer Wayles Roberts were interviewed together in Los Angeles: Paula Henderson, Robin Roberts-Martin, and Ellen Hodnett, a teacher and school principal. They recalled their father, a graduate of U.C.L.A., a mortician, and a probation officer. In 1976 he told Time magazine he thought Thomas Jefferson would be “unhappy about man’s inability to learn anything about living with his fellow man, despite all the advances in technology.” 

Israel Gillette Jefferson

Israel Gillette Jefferson, the son of Edward and Jane Gillette, worked as a boy in the Monticello house, the kitchen, and the textile shop.  From age thirteen, he was also a postilion, riding one of the four horses that pulled Jefferson’s landau carriage.  He was sold after Jefferson’s death to Thomas Walker Gilmer, who became Secretary of the Navy.  The earnings of his second wife, a free seamstress, Elizabeth Farrow Randolph, helped him purchase his freedom from Gilmer.


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