Jefferson recorded planting "Nasturcium," "Cresses," "Celery," and "Radichio" on March 26, 1774, "in the meadow" (the location of which has not been determined). This is in keeping with the popular use of Nasturtium as an edible plant, either by pickling its seeds and flower buds (much like capers), or by using its leaves in salads. Later, however, Jefferson listed "Nasturtium" with other ornamental plants in a "Calendar of the bloom of flowers in 1782" and showed it blooming from July until the end of September. Bernard McMahon sold nasturitum in his 1803 seedlist as an "esculent" plant.

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Typical Blooming Dates: June - November
Growth Type: Annual
Color(s): Reds, Orange, Yellow
Location at Monticello: Vegetable Garden
Planting Conditions: Full Sun