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William Douglas Meriwether (November 3, 1761 - January 21, 1845)

William Douglas Meriwether was the son of Nicholas and Margaret Douglas Meriwether of “Clover Fields.” After his father’s death in 1772, William inherited “Clover Fields”, a part of the original Meriwether land grant. Like his father, he was a surveyor. When Meriwether Lewis returned to Virginia to obtain an education, he stayed with his cousin William, who likely taught him some rudiments of surveying. In a letter of 1790, Lewis mentioned that his cousin might teach him geography. William married Elizabeth Lewis (b. 1769), the daughter of Nicholas and Mary Walker Lewis in 1788. They had six children but only their youngest daughter, Margaret Douglas Meriwether and her husband Frank Thornton Meriwether had children. (Anderson, p. 153) It was Margaret and her second husband, Francis Kinloch Nelson, who built the current “Clover Fields.”

Patricia Zontine, April 2009