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Belvoir (Maxfield)
(18 miles)
(c. 1761-4. The original Belvoir was a log house replaced by John Walker with a bigger house in 1764, which was moved to Milton by Francis Walker (and called Maxfield). An even larger Belvoir house in was built in 1790 and subsequently destroyed by fire in 1836.)
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The land was part of the 4,090 acre 1730 patent of Nicholas Meriwether II (Lucy’s great grandfather), which also included the Clover Fields, Castle Hill and Cismont land. Lucy’s great grandmother, Elizabeth Crawford Meriwether left the Belvoir land to her son-in-law, Colonel Robert Lewis (Lewises of Warner Hall).
Colonel Robert Lewis (b. 1702 – 1765) Representative, House of Burgesses in 1744.
Wife Jane Meriwether, Lucy’s Great Aunt (m.1725)
11 Children
1830 Tax List – 40 slaves
Colonel John Walker (b. 1744 at Castle Hill - d. 1809) Aide to George Washington, Representative, House of Burgesses, U.S. Senator.
Wife Elizabeth Moore, granddaughter of Governor Spotswood
1 Child, Mildred, d. 1784, who married Francis Kinloch of South Carolina
Eliza Kinloch (only grandchild) who married Hon. Hugh Nelson (d.1836), son of Governor Thomas Nelson. U.S. Representative, U.S. Minister to Spain.
7 Children

Eileen B. Malone-Brown