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Pen Park
(6 miles)
(c 1777, a one-story frame house; added a frame I-house in the mid 19c)

Dr. George Gilmer (b. 1742 – d.1795) Representative in the House of Burgesses in 1774, Magistrate, 1783; Sheriff, 1787. Purchased Pen Park in 1777. Dr. Thomas Walker was his uncle.
“Dr. Gilmer was the most prominent of the physicians of Albemarle during his day and he was called to the great houses both as friend and medical advisor. His account book shows that he prescribed pills and ointments at both Monticello and Montpelier and it is safe to imagine that he himself prepared his own mixtures, for such was the custom of the time.” (Speed and Minor, p.49)
Wife Lucy Walker, Lucy’s first cousin
9 Children
John H. Craven lived at Pen Park from 1819-1845
First wife Mary
Second wife Mary Lewis Clarkson, a widow
6 Children

Eileen B. Malone-Brown