The Thomas Jefferson Foundation was incorporated in 1923 to preserve and operate Monticello, the plantation home and architectural masterpiece of Thomas Jefferson. Since its founding, the Foundation has dedicated itself to a two-fold mission of preservation and education.

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation receives no government funding for general operations. As a private, nonprofit organization, we rely on the generosity of donors like you to accomplish our dual mission of preservation and education.

Important Information

Legal name: The Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.

Tax Identification Number (EIN): 54-0505959.

Financial Statements: For the Years Ended December 31, 2020 and 2021

Board of Trustees

Tobias Dengel, Charlottesville, Virginia, Chair
Molly Hardie, Charlottesville, Virginia, Vice Chair
Christopher J. Toomey, Santa Barbara, California, Secretary

Melody Barnes, Richmond, Virginia
L.D. Britt, Norfolk, Virginia
Peter D. Cook, Alexandria, Virginia
Peter J. Coolidge, New York, New York
Joseph Erdman, Charlottesville, Virginia
Annette Gordon-Reed, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Renée Grisham, North Garden, Virginia
Donald A. King, Jr., Keswick, Virginia
David Craig Landin, Keswick, Virginia
Suzi LeVine, Seattle, Washington
John L. Nau, III, Houston, Texas
William H. Walton, III, Jacksonville, Florida
Miki Woodard, Austin, Texas

Emeritus Trustees

John H. Birdsall, III, Charlottesville, Virginia
J. F. Bryan, IV, Jacksonville, Florida
Harlan Crow, Dallas, Texas
Fritz R. Kundrun, Keswick, Virginia
Richard A. Mayo, Boston, Massachusetts
Jon Meacham, Nashville, Tennessee
Charlotte Moss, New York, New York
Libby H. O’Connell, Lloyd Harbor, New York
Pamela Reynolds, Richmond, Virginia
Gilbert P. Schafer III, New York, New York

Honorary Trustees

Brenton S. Halsey, Richmond, Virginia
Hunter J. Smith, Charlottesville, Virginia
John Charles Thomas, Richmond, Virginia

Interim President

P. Gardiner Hallock

President Emeriti

Leslie Greene Bowman
Daniel P. Jordan

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation does not provide legal or tax advice.  Please seek your own legal and tax counsel.  The Thomas Jefferson Foundation is prepared to work with donors, their attorneys, and financial planners. Disclosure Statement

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