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Does anyone know of most current description of Jefferson’s “lost” Taliaferro Apple? Peter Hatch mentioned in a Mother Earth interview a year ago that a new description source for the Apple was just discovered. Yet that source and more importantly the description has not been made public as far as I know. I have contacted several people in regard to this and no one has answered. This is not a reference to the Jefferson/ Mease letters description. Supposedly this was a new description that had been recently found. Thanks
BE Todd
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Joseph Neilson's apprentice, Ben Calvert, also went by the names Colvard and Colbert. He was the son of Benjamin Colvard, a cabinet maker, of Charlottesville. Between 1778 and 1779, 16 year-old Ben Colvard/Colbert Jr. was an apprentice for Joseph Neilson at Monticello. Several children of Betty Brown, sister of Sally Hemings, were named Colbert: Burwell, Brown, Melinda and Mary. They were born between 1783 and 1801. Two other children by Betty Brown -- Edwin and Robert -- may or may not be Colbert descendantgs.
Richard Allen C...
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Researching Colbert children born to Betty Brown, sister of Sally Hemings: Burwell, Brown, Melinda and Mary. They were born between 1783 and 1801. Also interested in two other children of Betty Brown -- Edwin and Robert -- who may or may not have gone under the surname Colbert. My family has gone under the surnames Calvert, Colvard and Colbert since arriving in Virginia in 1636. Autosomal DNA from Family Tree DNA and indicates that my family is related to the Hemings's and Jefferson's. In the 1750's Benjamin Calvert/Colvard/Colbert moved to Albemarle County, VA and made his living as a carpenter. Between 1778 and 1779 his sixteen year-old son Benjamin Colvard/Colbert Jr. was an apprentice carpenter/joiner at Monticello under Joseph Neilson, Jefferson's chief carpenter. Ben Sr. also had other sons William and Alexander. When Benjamin Colvard Sr died in 1786, Ben Jr. became the sole owner of his father's carpenter shop in Charlottesville and, on occasion, hired slaves from Thomas Jefferson who were trained as carpenters to work for him. Example: Ben Jr. hired David Hern, one of Jefferson's slaves, to work for him between 1791 and 1792. Benjamin Colvard Sr.'s last will and testament was witnessed by Jesse Payne, Nicholas Lewis, Jr., William Day and Stephen Hughes on 11 Feb 1786. Alexander Colvard and his brother-in-law George Bruce also owned land adjacent to Monticello. (Land bought 14 April 1791).
Richard Allen C...
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That is spurious -
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"When the speech condemns a Free Press, you are hearing the words of a tyrant "
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I believe Colleen McCullough (author of Fortune's Favorites and the rest of the First Man in Rome series of books) put the same sentiment (for the purposes of historical fiction) into the mouth of Julius Caesar, who was considered extremely lucky and was sometimes given the nickname Felix as a result. I've no idea whether there's any support for Caesar's having said anything like that, but that sort of thing (making up dialogue that historical characters might have said, based on their known or supposed character) is a well-respected technique in historical fiction.
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Your tour was as embarrassing and galling as the NFL taking a knee on our National Anthem. Shame on both of you. I visited a few weeks ago and was disappointed and appalled by the liberal bashing in a low keyed joking way and all with a happy. peppy. friendly smile. Thomas Jefferson's Home and his Name is sacrate to Americans. From the orientation film that of course ends with Barrack Hussein Obama and ignoring our current President Trump to every stop of the tour and even at the staging areas this great American was slowly degraded of course in a low keyed but still degrading way. There were no opportunities missed to bring him down. Examples, Our 3rd President on the "down low" impregnated a slave in bondage with promises that he did not keep which questioned his honor and would be considered as rape today. In the bed room it was said, (discussing) Guess who had to take the night waste of Pres. Jefferson and disposes? "You got it the People in bondage!! now you think hard about it". Even the stair case was made mention that it is narrow and who cares!! Pres. Jefferson did not use them, only the slaves had to struggle with them (laughter). A shot was taken at Pres. Jefferson saying he made his daughter sleep in a wall bed until age 45 against against her will. The tour was all about 1. Slavery and 2. degrading Pres. Jefferson and in turn, disrespecting all Americans who respect our heritage, It was about bringing down this great man that this foundation has little to no respect for. At the end of the tour we learned very little about the American we paid for, but plenty on how he was a Slave owning monster with no honor freeing only 5 slaves of hundreds that Martha and He owned, and then only after he died, and at least 6 comments of being a male chauvinist (pig my input your insinuation) of course in a humorous light. If I had wanted a Slavery tour or Feminism tour I would not think to come here. This foundation has no respect for our proud past and has no right to desecrate it. I realize there are many haters of traditional America and want to bring our culture and history down and there is no better place than Monticello or Mt Vernon to go for the heart. I cannot come to any other conclusion other than your foundation is one of them. Remember, this is Thomas Jefferson's Home and you are a guest!!!, It is not your political platform to prosecute Americans. Would you do the same at Susan B Anthony's shrine or Martin L King's? Or even at Bill Clinton's Library. I also observed that there is no diversity of the staff. After all I had to listen to about Pres. Jefferson. After a large portion of the tour was focused on preaching white guilt I noticed of the 40 or so staff that day, ALL were white women besides one token white man at the ticket counter and one white man at security and not one African American anywhere. This is troubling and alarming that a tax free Foundation can be so discriminatory. We were lead to believe that the tour was going to be about our founding father's home and our proud past. Instead we were forced to listen to an obvious biased staff run on and on about Slavery and Slave owning Chauvinist men, as if the women had nothing to do with it. Maybe you can add 20 minute's to your tour dwelling on how the Women's suffrage movement can be told without telling how many of these same women were slave holders. It's a story that must be told! It should be told someplace else other then at Martha and Thomas Jefferson's home. Suggestion Keep Pres. Jefferson's Home tour exclusively about our founding father in a positive light. If a white guilt tour is (in your mind) a part that must be told then make it optional not mandatory and lets tell the truth, include White Women in the condemnation. There are plenty other American bashing venue's around to satisfy the hate. You do not need to pile on and go straight at the heart of America to do it. again Shame Shame on you I am unsatisfied with your tour and would like my entrance fee refunded based on, your tour was misrepresented. The tour was sold as being a tour on our Founding Father, 3rd President and his life accomplishments and his and Martha's beautiful home. What I received was Martha and Pres. Jefferson's life and Home being a backdrop and stage for a liberal hate narrative and bashing. Of course delivered in a humorous low keyed light. It was not funny, It was Galling and an embarrassment to America and Americans.
Mike R
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Although the information given on a piece of art is vital, as with any professional museum, we need dimensions, medium (what on what? oil, canvas, parchment, linen paper, charcoal, and so forth) where original was created, where it resides at present, who owns it, etcetera.
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Bigotry; New England self-righteousness underlied the bigotry that antagonized all that were different from them, from the Salem witch trials to the election of 1800. Like the federalists of yesteryear, today's Consistently fake News Networks abuse their freedoms (speech and press) to indoctrinate a confidence in ignorance, thus misinformed ignoramuses scream "racism" where there isn't any. Knowledge consistently finds confirmation in all things related to it. Indoctrinated beliefs are dead ends, without consistency. My profile is the folk history of the Dixie Flag; it's meaning is consistent with the history of the South prior to the Civil War, and the writings of Robert E. Lee. The belief that it symbolizes racism is indoctrinated via repetition on television; confirmed by socialist activists teaching students the politics that support their six figure, part-time, gov't paid teaching jobs.
Rebel Son of Dixie
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Questions on reality mimicking art remain unanswered. Is vocal opposition to racism promoting it? Although Jefferson rejected aristotelian thought, getting to the roots of racism is wisdom. In Jefferson's time theoretical science parading itself as facts underlied popular racism; such forms ended with NAtional soZIalistische deutschland. racism today is emotional; a product of the rise of post-modern feminism which gives credence to feelings, notwithstanding media outlets abusing their freedoms in promoting racism by overblowing it; "there's no such thing as bad press." * * * Monticello allegedly standing against "all forms" of hatred not only rubs a raw nerve on many Southerns who Hate the sin and love the sinner; Hate the crime and love the criminal, but apparently denies Jefferson's sincere loathing of great britain's propaganda machine.
William Green


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