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Complete? It's a total whitewash.
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Chad-Why does Monticello chose to exclude any reference to slavery in the "personal" column of this timeline? Were the births of the Jefferson-Hemings children not as important as the Jefferson-Wayles births? It's laudable that Monticello is developing interpretation about slavery but, sadly, it is segregated from the main story about Jefferson. This enables Jefferson to be divested from his decisions to own, beat, and rape African Americans so that he can sit atop an uncomplicated pedestal of enlightenment thought, gardening, and science. You are better than this.
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Hello from Nice, Is it possible to get a real handwritten image, not just the contents of papers? I am collecting material for the Municipal Archives of Nice, for an exhibition in 2017, of famous Americans living or visiting Nice and Jefferson was here 26 March to12 April1878. Is there anything handwritten already scanned? thanks
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I believe I also did not introduced myself here. (Literally, I identify completely comfortably that I didn't it.) But I am also not to this day here very long. I just axiom that yesterday would organize been my one-year jubilee, here in the forum. Well, too late. I missed the celebration. And my select is neither Jack nor Dole. But my logo is the jackdaw, called in German 'Dohle'. (I participate in solely subtracted the 'h'.) My username is for that reason but a end result of my improper English lingo skills! -
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Never spend your money before you have it. Very well said.
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Probably sea birds of various kinds.
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I find it most interesting that there are so many varied and opposing views of the same man. It would be nice to know which of the many historical accounts of his life are most accurate. Does anyone know?
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Hello Earth, first comment on your first post ^_^
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Wow that's a wonderful aerial view.
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