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Jack Robertson
I received the following update notification just now from Oxford University Press regarding the African American Studies Center fulltext file to which we subscribe.  Note:  this is a restricted access service available only to computer users at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation OR at any other institution with a paid subscription to this resource. Dear Jack Robertson - Thomas Jefferson Foundation, I’m pleased to announce that the October update to the Oxford African American Studies Center is now available. 600 NEW BIOGRAPHIES We are excited to present an additional 600 biographies from the African American National Biography,   produced in conjunction with the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard University, and edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham.  Also featured in this update are the lives of many lesser-known persons, such as Anna Madgigine Jai,   a West African slave who later became a plantation owner in the early 1800s.       NEW EDITORIAL FEATURES October introduces a new Guest Scholar feature on AASC. This month, guest scholar Steven Niven, Executive Editor of the African American National Biography and the forthcoming Dictionary of African Biography, discusses presidential candidate Barack Obama and his story in relation to the history of Civil Rights activism. We are also delighted to present a dispatch from Editor in Chief Henry Louis Gates, Jr. titled "Forty Acres and a Gap in Wealth," in which he examines possible causes for the increasing discrepancy in wealth within the African American population. FEATURE OF THE MONTH Each month the editors of the Oxford African American Studies Center provide insights into topics of current and historical relevance. This month's feature, “Blacks in Politics, Part 1,” highlights the African American pioneers in the political world, leading up to and including current presidential candidate Barack Obama. In addition to a photo essay and featured commentary, the editors have also provided a list of articles to guide readers who want to learn more. Read this month's feature.      
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