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Blog Archive: June 2017

Read what the Thomas Jefferson Foundation as well as Monticello staff members have to say about Jefferson and Monticello.

Leslie Greene Bowman

Recently, Charlottesville has been a focal point in the national conversation on race. We have seen crowds gather in our town square to debate essential questions of race and history. We are aware of – and deeply concerned by...MORE »

Kate Barlow

Monticello Curatorial Assistants unpack the various parts of the air pumpBefore the era of Wii’s, Twitter, and Netflix, the Jefferson family entertained...MORE »


"because by these, as testimonials that I have lived, I wish most to be remembered." - Thomas Jefferson, undated, Design for Tombstone and...MORE »


Keeping the Monticello mountain supplied with fresh water was a constant struggle. Guides Charles Morrill and...MORE »

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