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Buying Books Like It's My Job

Anna Berkes

I do apologize for the slight dry spell in Summary View entries - last week seems to have gotten away from us.  I blame our snow day-and-a-half. At any rate, I realized that one topic I have not gotten around to bloviating about is our book-purchasing activities.  Here's our procedure: people ask me for things and I buy them on Amazon (unless I don't), and then sometimes I just buy things without people asking for them.  Yes!  It's quite efficient, actually.  Our library is so comparatively small and specialized that this is the best way, we've found, to expand the collection with the fine degree of control required.  We do also buy from other vendors, depending on what we need, but I have to say that if I could buy everything from Amazon, I would.  They're fast, efficient, consistent, and practically error-free in my experience. So, in case anyone is interested, here is the booty from my latest raid on the Good Ship Amazon:

  • Artisan Workers in the Upper South: Petersburg, Virginia, 1820-1865, by L. Diane Barnes
  • The Painter's Chair: George Washington and the Making of American Art, by Hugh Howard
  • I Am Murdered: George Wythe, Thomas Jefferson, and the Killing That Shocked a New Nation, by Bruce Chadwick
  • Soil Exhaustion As a Factor in the Agricultural History of Virginia And Maryland, 1606-1860 (Southern Classics), by Avery Odelle Craven and Louis A. Ferleger (oooh, soil exhaustion!)
  • Slavery and Politics in the Early American Republic, by Matthew Mason
  • The Other War of 1812: The Patriot War and the American Invasion of Spanish East Florida, by James G. Cusick
  • The Invention of Air, by Steven Johnson
  • Slavery, Freedom, and Expansion in the Early American West, by John Craig Hammond
  • Science and Empire in the Atlantic World, by James Delbourgo and Nicholas Dew
  • A History of the Book in America: Volume I: The Colonial Book in the Atlantic World, by Hugh Amory and David D. Hall

If you're interested in what other books I will definitely/might be/could be persuaded to buy in the future, my Amazon wishlist (which I use as my shopping list) is here.  (Although I wish to point out that I do not mean this to imply you should buy us books, although we would never turn down such a kindness - I offer my own wishlist purely as an item of possible intellectual interest to you.)

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