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Events in Charlottesville

As the nation watches hate groups assemble in Charlottesville this weekend, it is important for those of us who live and work here to uphold our shared values and beliefs. Hate has no place at Monticello, or in our community. The Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello stands against racism and bigotry in all its forms. We continue to be disturbed by the demonstrations that have been planned in our city by outside groups. Civil discourse cannot occur without an underlying platform of equality for all participants. Today’s debates around race are testimony to the persistent shadow of slavery, and the scars of inequality and marginalization that still hinder the guarantee of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” for all.

Monticello is an essential place to understand our history with slavery and the consequences we experience today. We strive to offer an honest, complicated, and inclusive view of the past. Much can be gained from bringing history forward into dialogue.

We will continue to foster these conversations. At the same time, we oppose any display of hatred in our city, and stand with those who have been marginalized. We look forward to continuing to work with our community to engage the past, and create a more tolerant, informed, and democratic future.


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Thank you - thank you for being a leader in using history, scholarship to further the most difficult of topics and conversations.
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Bigotry; New England self-righteousness underlied the bigotry that antagonized all that were different from them, from the Salem witch trials to the election of 1800. Like the federalists of yesteryear, today's Consistently fake News Networks abuse their freedoms (speech and press) to indoctrinate a confidence in ignorance, thus misinformed ignoramuses scream "racism" where there isn't any. Knowledge consistently finds confirmation in all things related to it. Indoctrinated beliefs are dead ends, without consistency. My profile is the folk history of the Dixie Flag; it's meaning is consistent with the history of the South prior to the Civil War, and the writings of Robert E. Lee. The belief that it symbolizes racism is indoctrinated via repetition on television; confirmed by socialist activists teaching students the politics that support their six figure, part-time, gov't paid teaching jobs.
Rebel Son of Dixie


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