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Home Educators' Day 2012

Jacqueline Langholtz

Thank you to all the young scholars and family members who turned out for Monticello’s 3rd annual Home Educators’ Day!  Nearly 600 people joined us under beautiful sunny skies for a day of fun and activities all around the mountaintop and in the classrooms of the Carl and Hunter Smith Education Center.   

Below are some of our favorite shots from the day.  You can share Home Educator Day photos of your own by adding them here.

The Lewis & Clark Exploration Station had a real buffalo robe for participants to touch and investigate – and it was huge!  Here, two sisters are inspired to illustrate buffalo robe stories of their own.

 Monticello’s gardeners were on hand to help us identify and learn about the many uses of plants in Jefferson’s vegetable garden.  We learned that sage—first planted at Monticello in 1794—is a healing plant, and that Jefferson ate his cabbage stuffed with meat and boiled in a bag!

Students examined recreated historic pockets to learn about the daily lives of Thomas Jefferson, his family, and Monticello’s enslaved community through the objects these individuals may have carried with them.  Our young scholars were then invited to vote on which objects they would include in a historic pocket of their own.  Choices included a book, snack, notebook and pencil, money, or music.  Money was the most popular answer, though notebook and pencil was a close second.  Write-ins included a phone, spare glasses, camera, and my favorite – a jar of fireflies!

<em>Slavery at Monticello</em> tours focused on the industries and workshops along Mulberry Row, Monticello’s 'main street.'  Here, participants interact at a touch table to learn more about blacksmithing and weaving on the mountaintop.

Games on the West Lawn included hoop rolling, ball and cup toss, and some extra windy games of graces!

The Griffin Discovery Room was abuzz with activity all day long.  In this photo, a statuesque Jefferson looks on as one young scholar tries the polygraph letter copying machine.

We hope you can join us for next year’s Home Educator Day! Stay tuned for details, or email for more information.

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