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Intrepid visitors to Monticello's web site may have already caught the announcement, but I wanted to bring it to the attention of the loyal readers of our friendly blog here:

Just before the presidential inauguration, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation launched "a new Web site that highlights the relevance of Thomas Jefferson’s ideas to contemporary issues.  The new site, Jefferson Today (, features brief commentaries by notable figures on how selected quotations from Jefferson are applicable to current events and offers users the opportunity to share their views. "

Right now the main theme is the 2008 Presidential election, and three different subtopics are being discussed (a few commentaries are available on each): the election of America's first African-American president, America's role in the world, and making a democracy work.  After some time, a new theme will surface and we'll post more commentaries to spur further conversation.

Does Jefferson still resonate today?  Let us know how!

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