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A little experiment

Anna Berkes

A few days ago I set up a Google Alert to let me know when any new material appeared on the Internet (or technically speaking, in Google's index of the Internet) with the phrase "Thomas Jefferson." Amidst all the reportage of Thomas Jefferson High School's basketball triumph over West Diddlyfunk and so forth, in each day's update is a huge preponderance of blogs, columns and news articles that quote Jefferson. A good portion of them are not actually Jefferson quotations, and from my brief look at all these sites it looks like the website or chain email - I haven't determined which - that was the subject of my Epic 10-Part Reference Question is responsible for a lot of it.  What an unjust universe in which that thing is more popular than our meticulously-researched encyclopedia compilation!

So, just out of curiosity, I've decided to do a little experiment.  For the next week, I'm going to look at all the TJ-quotation included in my Google Alert, and see what percentage of it is wrong.  Meet me back here next Friday for the results...

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