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Marian Burros speaks to Dave DeWitt in "Thomas Jefferson, 'Founding Foodie'"

“All the stuff Jefferson was doing at Monticello is just having a rebirth now,” said David DeWitt, a food historian and the author of Founding Foodies: How Washington, Jefferson and Franklin Revolutionized American Food.

Mr. DeWitt will speak Tuesday, August 28 at Monticello, focusing on Jefferson as a lover of food, recipe writer and “ardent supporter of sustainable farming.” 

In anticipation of DeWitt's Tuesday evening Conversation, read veteran New York Times food writer/columnist (and author of 13 cookbooks!) Marian Burros's post "Thomas Jefferson, 'Founding Foodie'" in the Ncw York Times now >>


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I am doing research on Brunswick Stew. Does anyone have information on any 'founding persons' and their use or knowledge of stews made with rabbit or squirrel. I'm interested in tracing the modern day Brunswick Stew (circa 1828 some say)to what Jefferson and his cohorts knew as a similar game stew. Thanks much.
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