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Monticello Sits Down with John Lewis

On April 13, 2015, Rep. John Lewis, congressman and civil rights activist, gave the keynote address at Monticello's 272nd commemoration of Jefferson's birth. After the ceremony, Lewis discussed his visit and what it meant to be awarded the 2015 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Citizen Leadership. More information on the Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medals.


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Jefferson's public political beliefs are inextricably intertwined with his very private religious beliefs, that overlap when a state was involved with religion or interfering with the natural rights of Nature's God, e.g. the Calvinist Congregational Clergy of Massachusetts and Connecticut and their issues with free speech and the free exercise of religion. When Jefferson was arguing for the freedom of a slave in the matter of Howell v. Netherland, on the ground that the slave's grandmother was white he made a reference to the law of nature [god] and said, "we are all born free." Jefferson's statement that "all men are created equal" was primarily aimed at the Congregational Clergy and their beliefs in predestination. Jefferson did not recognize a class that was born privileged, whether is was Christian or White.
William Jr
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This is very useful information. Thanks for all the videos.
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